Epitome of Patriotism: Senate Republicans kill Veteran Job Bill

Guess what? Senate Republicans in another jaw-dropping, head-shaking move decided that 21.6 million American veterans aren’t worth the money.

Then a light went off for me: Republicans love fetuses and active duty military; welfare kids and veterans– not so much. Unborn children and men in uniform symbolize the unsullied promise for the future. Hope. Purity.

Welfare kids and veterans? Ehh… they’re a little dirtier, aren’t they? More contaminated with reality? Not so cheerful and idealistic? A little bitter.

Perhaps if our legislative body–both with the laws they pass and the ones they don’t–stopped treating them as worthless?

Why do we need a Veterans’ Job Corps Act? It’s not as if the jobless numbers for vets aged 18 – 24 are about four times the national average (30%).

Because if it’s true that veterans are somehow less employable than the civilian? Wouldn’t that be symptomatic of a volunteer military filled with those suffering from an education and economic disadvantage?

Duh– who do you think represents the vast majority of our military?

None of the Mittens boys served America- unless you count their campaigning on his behalf as service equitable with being in a war-zone.

Sweetie– get my Imported flag out of the closet and say the pledge with me. I need to feel like a patriot.

Democrats proposed a bill that would provide employment opportunities to veterans and widows. And also to provide for the restoration of depleted natural resources in the United States and the advancement of an orderly program of useful public works.

Republicans blocked it.

GOP rides the highway to hell– paved with filibusters, clotures, and their own inflated self-importance.

One has to hope that fox news will report on this so that…oh, who am I kidding? Fox news doesn’t make a single mention of the vote. Not one.

But you know who is reporting?
The Army Times; Stars and Stripes; the Marine Times; the Navy; and the Air Force.

Good luck with the military vote, Mittens.

Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., proposed an amendment to a Veteran’s Job Bill that reads:

SA 2783. Mr. PAUL submitted an amendment intended to be proposed by him to the bill S. 3457, to require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a veterans jobs corps, and for other purposes; which was ordered to lie on the table, as follows:

At the end, add the following:

No amounts may be obligated or expended to provide any direct United States assistance to the Government of Pakistan unless the President certifies to Congress that–
(1) Dr. Shakil Afridi has been released from prison in Pakistan;
(2) any criminal charges brought against Dr. Afridi, including treason, have been dropped; and
(3) if necessary to ensure his freedom, Dr. Afridi has been allowed to leave Pakistan.

WTF does this job creation bill have to do with Pakistan? Answer– NOTHING.

Political pandering. Political grandstanding. These people that voted nay on a Veteran’s Job Bill?


This is a veterans jobs bill that is being held up for what reason? I do not know–or do I know? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there are about 200,000 unemployed post-9/11 veterans, approaching a quarter of a million. And as our Nation appropriately winds down our military commitments abroad, we can expect increased numbers of newly separated veterans to enter the workforce.

Well, Mr. Reid, you make a good point. Unfortunately you forgot to add that they “don’t give a fuck”.

Here is the list of names who voted against the “Veterans Job Corp Act of 2012”.

There’s a Story Here

Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day Challenge, Day 12: Together led me to a whole new domain name and writing space.

Of course there’s a back story– silly!

Alright, so yesterday on Scattermom–my ADHD/mom/parenting blog— because I like to spread myself all over the place like cream cheese… mmmm, cream cheeseI mentioned having thoughts about September 11th. I meant to start writing that last night, but I got distracted by Ari Shapiro’s Pledge of Allegiance quandary. I just wrote about the pledge of allegiance, and then to have a similar thing show up on NPR? Cool.

I do have thoughts on 9/11, but first I wanted to find the version from 2002.

Those written thoughts weren’t in this box with my other scraps of paper– that would have been too easy, and I do enjoy a challenge. Nor did I find them in the drawer with my old journals, or in the filing cabinet with my old english papers.

But in each of those places I found stuff, and when I put it all in a pile together it looked like:

A journal/diary/poem book from 1990 filled with the type of horrific prose that can only be written, or appreciated, by a 14 year old girl. I titled a poem — wince — Frenz.

Humility is best delivered by your past self.

A journal from 1996 and 1998 filled with pages detailing two-week cycles love and hate. How many times (36) can a girl fall in love?

Another one from 2003 where I actually wrote:

I’ve been reading my old words since late afternoon. I wrote good stories– that had nothing to do with children, marriage, or creative uses for cardboard.

That stuff I want branded with — and credited to– my real name.