About Stephanie Lormand

Stephanie Lormand

Stephanie Lormand lives in Raleigh with her husband (a mostly successful union of an only child married to a middle son) and two children. Her oldest son, Zach, joined the family in November 2006, and his younger brother, Elliot, arrived in time for the party in November 2008.   Her family also consists of two dogs that “have not yet forgiven me for the two sons”, one tree frog living a charmed life in a houseplant, and two bearded dragons that let the rest of them think they’re in charge.

As a biostatistically-influenced sociologist, I am a breed of geek rarely found in the wilds of suburbia. Finding myself hunted by collectors, I have assumed the identity of stay-at-home mom for my own safety.

When Stephanie isn’t hiding out from unsavory individuals, she likes to take pictures of moments and then write stories about them.  A tinkerer, she loves to take things apart and, sometimes, even put them back together. Stephanie also volunteers heavily with the NC MomsRising and truly enjoys reading drafts of proposed legislation.

In addition to writing on her other blog, scattermom, Stephanie has guest posted on several blogs, including The Museum of Motherhood, MomsRising, Carolina Parent, Go Ask Mom, Huffington Post, and Mamalode.

She also spoke about parenting with ADD in the 2014 Listen To Your Mother RDU cast, and in support of toxic chemical regulation at the Women’s Rights Moral Monday on June 10, 2015.


A paper that she co-authored in college, “Assessment of the Impacts of Hurricane Floyd on East Carolina University Students” is referenced as suggested reading for a FEMA training session, which is just amusing on several levels.