Shark Attacks vs. Concealed Carry Guns

According to local news, there is a spree of shark attacks along the coast of North Carolina. A spree, y’all.

We hear this every year– every summer at least. The 2 shark attacks on Oak Island (our NC beach of choice) that happened about an hour apart– yeah, that was freaky. But the rest of it, IMO, is click bait.

As a person terrified of roaches, while mercilessly hunting black widows, I understand how irrational fears happen to otherwise rational people. I’m not pleased about the shark attacks. Watching my kids cavort in the surf is the closest I ever get to being a helicopter parent.

It was reading this quote on a “news” story: “They were boogie boarding all week and we had no idea that something so big and so deadly would be swimming right around us” that broke the final straw.

Y’all, it’s an ocean, full of the sea life. In addition to sharks there are stingrays, jelly fish, and, one year, large hunks of jaggedly broken wood from a damaged pier. Or drowning, and rip tides. Oh look, Hawai`i provides a very useful shark safety guide.

Between 11 million concealed gun carrying US citizens and a hungry shark? I think my kids and I are safer at the beach. Just saying.

Photo of a shark with concealed carry handgun holster.

Photo of a shark with concealed carry handgun holster.